To the Parents

Parent’s role remains essential to their children’s success. Every child needs continuous support, supervision and involvement. The parents must remain involved and join the school in the mission to help the children reach their full potential.


Parents’ Responsibilities

Actively participating in the ward’s school life.

Reviewing the school diary daily to monitor the child`s work and progress and using the space provided to communicate with the child`s teacher.

Ensuring that the child attends the school in time every day.

Maintaining frequent contact with the school teachers and HM.

Reinforcing at home and helping to understand the importance of acquiring knowledge, skills, and positive values.

Beware of the expectations of the child and the consequences for inappropriate behavior outlined in this handbook.

The school looks forward to working with the parents as partners in the child’s education.


To the Pupils

The school helps the pupils to prepare for their future. The pupils gain independence through new educational experiences. It is important that the pupils accept the following responsibilities.

To obey the rules and regulations of the school.

To accept responsibility for one`s own actions.

To attend school on a regular basis.

To be punctual.

To dress neatly and maintain habits of personal cleanliness.

To use school property safely and for educational purposes only.


Attendance Regulations

Children are expected to be in school in time, except in cases of illness or any emergency.  The parents/guardians should inform the school authorities for any leave of their wards.

Pupils with 100% attendance are honored on the Annual Day.

The pupils school attendance is reported through the EMIS (Education Management Information System)app to Tamilnadu government.

Pupils attendance at the time of  Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Nutritious  Meal Programme.



The pupils who eat in the nutritious meal programme attend the school in the uniform supplied by Tamilnadu Government. The other pupils attend the school in uniforms prescribed by Tamilnadu government. They are expected to come to school in clean and neat uniforms. The pupils should not wear jewels.

Boys’ hair should be well-trimmed.

The pupils should comb their hair properly.

Fashionable hair cut is totally banned in the school premises.