Best School Award

National Organ Donation Day

PSG IMSR&H conducted National Organ Donation Day on 26.11.2022.They conducted various competitions for school pupils.

One hundred and forty pupils of our school participated in the drawing, speech and singing competitions.

  • N.Samyuktha – Speech competition – 2nd prize
  • K.Prassanna – Singing Competition – 3rd prize.

Shanti Ashram Group Dance Competition Winner


M/s.Shanthi Ashram conducted Dance Competition on 25.11.2022. Pupils of Stds – IV and V participated in Solo and Group Dance competitions. Our pupils got the First prize in Group Dance Competition and a Trophy for our school.

Sarkar SamaKulam Block Level Science Exhibition



In Block level Science Exhibition our school got the “Best School award” for two years (2016-2017) (2018-2019).


“Best District Level Differently Abled Special School” award



“Best District Level Differently Abled Special School” award was won by our school in the differently abled special schools competitions conducted at RVS Institutions by Athithi Special School.

Heart Day



PSG Hospitals celebrated “HEART DAY” on 06.01.2019 and conducted various competitions . Our pupils participated in the competitions and got many prizes.