The very fact that so many pupils from around 7 k.ms flock to the school for very good education is a clear indication of the sufficient infrastructural facilities provided by the management, excellent teaching by committed teachers, the brand name PSG etc., No other aided/ govt primary school in  Coimbatore district has so many pupils and teachers because of the ambience. The school caters to the educational needs of pupils from areas such as Avarampalayam, Peelamedu Pudur, Sowripalayam, Chinniyampalayam, Singanallur, etc.,

3D Robotics

3D PRINTING  is the construction of  a Three-dimensional object from CAD or a digital 3D model.

  • It empowers pupils’ creativity and design thinking. Pupils eagerly created  models and batches for “Star Of The Week”.



We give children access to online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make the electronic creations of their dreams. They gain the skills to build projects.

  • Robotics for kids helps to introduce the basics of programming to kids.
  • Pupils created some models with their own creativity  and programming skill.

Computer Lab

School has a well-equipped computer lab with 10 new computer systems. An unaided computer teacher trains the pupils in computer skills. Though the government has not earmarked any period for computer classes the school has a separate time table for computer classes. Syllabus has been framed in such a way that even pupils of smaller classes like Class I can also easily understand computers and their uses. We conduct both theory and practical classes to children to develop their interest and knowledge in computers.

LCD Projector

Teachers download relevant Video study materials from the internet and display them in the Audio Visual Room with the help of the LCD projector by making it a smart classroom. The teachers have already been taught the use of LCD projectors.

Audio Visual Room



The Interactive Panel Board (an electronic whiteboard) installed in the AV room brings the New Age Learning to the pupils. The teacher or pupils can “interact” with the images directly on the screen using a tool or even a finger.

With the computer connected to the internet or a local network, teachers can access information from around the world. They can do a quick search and find a lesson they used previously. It opens up the pupils’ collaboration and closer interaction to the lessons. Multimedia content can be shared and used in the A.V Room keeping the pupils engaged.

Audio Visual Presenter

It is used to project/enlarge/zoom any object and show it on the Interactive Panel board or any electronic device like desktop, laptop, etc.,. Visual Presenter is a document camera, that when paired with a projector allows teachers to display/project images, documents and drawings on a surface. It can be used for enlarging and tracing the projected image which helps the pupils learn virtually. What is written or drawn on the wireless pad can instantly been seen on the screen of the devices mentioned above. This device helps the pupils learn effectively and it paves the way for advanced level teaching and conduct of examination.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts (Balar Saba) meetings are organized twice a month regularly to develop musical, dramatic and dance skills of the pupils. The special feature of this is to celebrate the birth anniversary of our national leaders, freedom fighters, functions, festivals, etc.  Children are benefited from the conduct of drama, skit, quiz, puzzles, and riddles by getting valuable information which ensures pleasant learning experience.

The teachers train the pupils in Villuppattu, Bommalattam, Bhajans (Koottu Prarthanai), etc., either during school hours or afterwards.


A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Yoga can improve focus, self-esteem, memory, academic performance and classroom behaviour and can also reduce stress in children. Yoga is about breathing which helps to be calm and refresh the body and mind. Every year we celebrate International Yoga Day where children perform different yoga postures and showcase their talents in the company of grownup boys and girls of other PSG Institutions.

Pupils of standards I to V are trained in Yoga by professional trainers.


Karate means – empty hand to defend and attack to ward off any danger. A well trained Karate Black Belt master, Mr.Harihara Kulasekaran trains the pupils of Stds I to V twice a week. Karate develops our pupils’ self-awareness, confidence, optimism, stamina, etc., and improves their capability of self-defence.




Hindi is the official language of India and it is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Republic of India. It is spoken by the nine States and three Union Territories of India. Learning Hindi as an additional language improves the child’s language skills and it is one of the most accepted languages across the country. The school also encourages the pupils to take up the Hindi Prachar Sabha exams. Classes are being conducted by a Hindi Pandit since 2017.

Vocal Music

Music has the power of expression of emotions without the requirement of words or actions. Now music is categorized into hundreds of genres. The management has appointed Ms.Jenisha Joseph, as the music teacher. Vocal music classes are conducted twice a week. The pupils are very interested in attending music classes.


Bharathanattiyam, a cultural dance form replicates our tradition. Pupils are given a chance to learn this wonderful dance form in our school. Ms.Mythili, a professional Bharathanattiyam teacher, is training our pupils twice a week after school hours. The pupils who dance well are identified and given a chance to perform in the school Annual Day function.