Our School is situated 500 metres from Peelamedu junction of Avinashi Road and it is surrounded by roads on all four sides.

South & West – Avarampalayam Road

East – Perumal Kovil Road

North – Vetrilaikkarar Street & Sri Karivardharaja Perumal Temple, Peelamedu

Kuzhanthai Vinayagar Temple





More than 300 years old Ganesha Temple(Kuzhanthai Vinayagar) gives blessings and sanctity to the school. Teachers and  pupils pray to Kuzhanthai Vinayagar  daily and a priest performs pooja on auspicious days.




A variety of trees like coconut trees, may flower trees, a banyan tree, etc provide fresh air.

A variety of birds like seven sisters, crows, ravens, doves, parrots and squirrels by their flight, movements and chirping feast the eyes and ears of the pupils and teachers alike. The importance of flora and fauna is realized.

Buildings of Our School

Classrooms : 20

Well built class rooms of 20’ x 20’ with proper light and ventilation provide a good teaching and learning environment to the teacher and the taught.

Ten class rooms have wall mounted green boards with low level blackboards in the walls to facilitate activity based learning of the pupils. The pupils write and draw on the low level blackboards to have hands on training to develop their psycho motor ability.

Every classroom is provided with a wire gridline which helps the pupils to display their writings and drawings.

Pupils of Stds I- IV have been provided plastic chairs and wooden tables to sit comfortably for all their activities. Pupils of Std-V are sitting in dual desks.

Every class room is provided with 2 tube lights and a fan.

Our campus looks magnificent and stands high with three beautiful blocks.

Two blocks have two floors and the third block has three floors with restrooms on the west for boys, girls and staff.

There are enough restrooms for boys, girls and staff of the other two blocks in the ground floor.

Every classroom has a computer for the teacher that ensures effective teaching for the benefit of the pupils.

Nutritious Noon Meal Scheme

A noon-meal preparation room, a store room for vessels and grocery and a dining room for the pupils add  beauty  to the ground floor.

For noon-meal preparation, a solar water heater funded by the management provides hot water to the kitchen for sterilization and cooking and an LPG Gas cylinder instead of the traditional fire wood for noon meal preparation ensure an environment friendly campus. A teacher eats noon meal along with the pupils daily to ensure and check the quality of food. The Headmistress also tastes the noon meal now and then.


Tennikoit, skipping and ball play engage the pupils in the quadrangle.

Simple floor exercises are done by our pupils which are monitored by the teachers.

Learning Resource Centre

Pupils are given a library period once in a week. They visit the library with their teacher to enjoy nearly 3000 books accumulated over a period of time. The Tamil newspaper Dhinamalar and The Hindu are read by all.

Wall Paintings



School building walls are painted with pictures related to space science and environment which help the pupils to discuss on these subjects in their leisure hours.

Pictures are drawn in a realistic way to enjoy the paintings.

Ten Commandments written on the wall are to be followed daily by the pupils for proper hygiene and sanitation both at home and school.

CCTV Cameras



The campus is monitored by eight CCTV cameras which cover the entrance, quadrangle and corridors of all the floors of the three blocks.

Headmistress can monitor the CCTV camera footages from her room.

CCTV Cameras ensure the safety of the campus

Indoor Games

Carrom and chess are the two main indoor games we concentrate on.

The pupils enjoy playing them during their lunch interval. Interested pupils are being trained by our school teachers. Whenever we have a chance, we take our pupils to the tournaments and games arranged by other organizations.

Green and Clean Environment

Our School avoids plastics in all possible ways to ensure the green habits among the pupils.

School has provided a dust bin in every class room thereby inculcating the cleanliness.

A dustbin is provided in each block to have a clean campus.

Restrooms are cleaned daily by the management housekeeping personnel.

Degradable and non-degradable wastes are segregated and placed in separate dust bins to foster civic sense among the pupils.

Fire Extinguishers



Five fire extinguishers have been installed in all the three blocks.

All the teachers and pupils have been trained by the Fire & Safety Officer in handling them properly and effectively.

Fire and Safety Officer, Mr.Rangaraj, visits our school every month and conducts mock drill in evacuation during the times of natural calamity.

Healthy and Hygienic Campus

To provide a healthy and Hygiene campus, our school has allotted neat and hygienic places for the children to have their lunch.

A huge underground drinking water tank with a capacity of 50,000 liters gets water supply from Coimbatore Municipal Corporation/Water tankers of the management.  A borewell sunk by the management also provides enough water to all the restrooms and handwash taps.

Three “Water Doctors” installed in each block provide pure and safe drinking water. There are three overhead plastic tanks and an overhead stainless steel drinking water tank a top the three-storeyed building.

Proper housekeeping is done by management staff.