Paper Craft work was shown to Stds IV & V pupils on 27.06.2024




“National Deworming Day” was conducted on 09.02.2024 and Tamil Nadu Government Urban Health Centre gave “Albendazole” tablets to all pupils and teachers in our school.




Dr.Shamim, PSG Urban Health Center doctor, gave an awareness speech about breast cancer to our teachers on 27.10.2023.




World Food Day was celebrated in our school on 16.10.2023. Pupils of Std-III brought fruits and distributed as salad.



PSG FM conducted “Global Warming Day” awareness programme among our school pupils by conducting a drawing competition on 01.09.2023.



We celebrated “Dictionary Week“ from 28.08.2023 to 31.08.2023.



Balar Sabai was inaugurated by pupils of STD – III, IV and V on 07.08.2023.




Mr.V.Rangaraju, Fire Safety Officer, conducted a Mock Drill and First Aid training to all pupils on 28.06.2023.




“Freshers Day” was celebrated in our school. Std-I pupils are welcomed by our teachers and Std-II-V pupils of our school with balloons, chocolates, flowers etc.,






Dr.Shobana Nagarajan of PSG Urban Health Center and her team conducted Health and Hygiene awareness programme in our school on 19.06.2023.

School Pupil Leader Election




  • We conducted an election to select the School pupil leader on 01.12.2022.

Cleanliness Awareness Programme



House Surgeon and Training Doctors of PSG IMSR&H, conducted Cleanliness awareness programme for our pupils on 24.11.2022.

Good Touch Bad Touch



PSG Urban Health center Doctor gave a speech about Good Touch and Bad Touch to pupils on 30.09.2022.

Fire and Safety

Our pupils are getting a clear practical explanation and drill regularly by the Fire and Safety department which is enthusiastically practised by the pupils.

The HM is extinguishing the fire in the presence of Mr.V.Rangaraju , Fire Safety Officer on 2019.

Training Programs



In-service training programs are given to our teachers regularly. Our teachers attend various kinds of faculty development programs throughout the year.

Medical Camp



Doctors from P.S.G. Hospitals come to our school and examine all the pupils and provide proper guidance to them. Pupils’ health is properly monitored in the special medical camp conducted by P.S.G Hospitals.

Hand Washing Day



On every October 15, Hand Washing Day awareness activities are promptly conducted by our school to promote Hand Washing.

Vaccine Camp



Vaccine Camp is conducted by the Tami Nadu Primary Health Centre for the regular TT Vaccination.

Magic Show



To enthuse the pupils and entertain them magical shows are conducted for all the pupils.

Feature Film For Children



To educate and entertain the children in various aspects of life, film from various languages are screened regularly.

Dengue Protection Day



By providing 5ml Nilavembu Kasayam once in a month dengue awareness is created.

Solid Waste Management



Pupils are encouraged to segregate the bio and Non bio Waste and to put in the appropriate dustbins to make them and their parents aware of Solid waste management.

Mr. Vijayakarthikeyan, Commissioner and Special Officer of Municipal Corporation of Coimbatore honoured Master Dhiyanesh with the above certificate.