PSG Primary school has its own beautiful, meaningful and constant growth from its very beginning (1943).

From 1954-1985 the PSG Basic school was functioning at Karivaradharaja Perumal Temple in Peelamedu premises.

The strength of pupils (571) and teachers (18) in 1955 itself reveals the popularity of the school beyond the shadow of doubt.

In 1986, the school was relocated to the present place with a building of 7 rooms built at a cost of Rs.3,50,000/- then.

Noon meal building was constructed in 1988.

Parent Teachers Association was started in 1991.

Various clubs like Balar Sabai(Council of Children), Science Club, Maths Club, etc., were formed in 1993.

From 2005, Activity Based Learning method (ABL) teaching was started as per the directive of the Education Department of Tamil Nadu which    included low level black boards and Kambi Panthal (An array of steel wires) for displaying the creative work of the pupils from Std – I to IV in all    classes.

School got its additional block with three floors in 2008.

Management has provided Audio Visual Presentor to take the online classes from 2020.
   Computer-based teaching was started in 2018 by providing a separate system to every classroom.




School got Remedial Teaching facility for Dyslexic pupils in 2015. Mrs.Ramya Dilip, an educator for special children has been sponsored by PSG Vishnugranthi, an institution under PSG umbrella.

Dance, Karate, Hindi, Yoga and Music are being trained by Professional Trainers since 2017.



The school ensures effective teaching in online and offline modes even in the midst of COVID-19 challenges.




Laptop was provided to the needy teachers by the management to ensure effective online teaching & learning with ease in October 2020.